MDX Tutorial provides multidimensional support

Published: 18th March 2011
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There are change and the definition in the multidimensional data and the objects. MDX Tutorial supports these. The full form is Multidimensional expressions. MDX is similar with the SQL which is called structured query language. MDX is not developed from SQL. MDX can provide some functions but it is not powerful as SQL.

There is a data request in the MDX query like SQL query like SELECT clause which is used in the MDX and the SQL. This clause requires a beginning clause like FROM clause. It also requires a filter clause. These clauses or keywords are used to retrieve the information from a database for the analysis. There are some robust functions in the MDX for the change of the data. There are user defined functions in the MDX. Two dimensional data are there.

There is data definition language syntax in the MDX like in the SQL language. The short form is DDL. There various commands in the MDX to create and delete the objects, measures and the cube. There are multiple data in the different location. The purpose of the MDX is to fetch those data. MDX Tutorial can make it easy and convenient. There are many languages which are used for data manipulation and data definition. It is used to retrieve the data in the row and the column.

Two dimensional data is represented by the tables. A field is the area where a row and a column intersect each other. SELECT clause is used in the column. Data is retrieved by the SQL query. WHERE clause is used in the row. There are structures in the multi dimensional data. These cubes are multi dimensional. In the area of a cube where the dimensions intersect each other many data may be there. Basically it is a tough task to make a query of a data which is there in the multidimensional data source.MDX Tutorial is effective and convenient.


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