Carlos Quijada


MDX Tutorial Understand the Data Multidimensional Way

20th March 2011
MDX supports all modern database languages like SQL and Java. These languages are utilized even in manipulating and definition of data in a database. Column dimension and then e row dimension are used in retrieving the stored information in MDX. MDX is al... Read >

MDX Tutorial Understand the Multidimensional Expressions

20th March 2011
MDX tutorial provides help in understanding the multi dimensional expressions used by MDX. MDX supports all the popular query languages which are used in database management. Some of these modern query languages are SQL and Java. These languages are util... Read >

MDX Tutorial provides multidimensional support

18th March 2011
There are change and the definition in the multidimensional data and the objects. MDX Tutorial supports these. The full form is Multidimensional expressions. MDX is similar with the SQL which is called structured query language. MDX is not developed from ... Read >

MOLAP and ROLAP: Which one is better?

27th July 2010
OLAP is a technical methodology to give end users instant access to data, irrespective of the size of the latter. The hardware used in this technology, i.e., OLAP Servers ; use cubes, which are basically multidimensional data representations of the data ... Read >